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Our Services

Kermode Bookkeeping does business differently. Part of our business model is to take advantage of technology to maximize efficiency and ensure we bill you for the least amount of hours.

To do so, we operate exclusively through our client management system, Karbon. This allows us to capture and retain all of our correspondence and ensure we provide the best service. To do so, we do not have an office line and communicate exclusively through email (although we can call you if you request a call back), this allows us to be responsive to requests and manage workflow within our team.

Our software also assists in bringing down your bookkeeping costs by automating functions like electronically gathering your online bills (with access to over 2,000 vendors in Canada). Having a phone app that can allow you to provide receipts within one-click to us. Organize all of your payables and have them reviewed at a glance and paid when cashflow supports payment.

We provide a robust on-boarding process and train the business owners and managers on the basics of our software. We have spent countless hours reviewing, vetting, and learning about the software packages we have chosen to use and pass along our expertise to you. You do not need to be technologically literate as we do the heavy lifting in set up and disseminating the information.

Our bookkeeping service is a unique business that requires the business to agree to our approach. We cannot differ from client to client on how they manage their bookkeeping and maintain the efficiency needed to ensure a low bill. Our staff are specifically trained on our software stack which allows us to ensure the integrity of our work. 

We may not be the suitable bookkeeping business for your firm. We cannot regularly answer phone calls or come to your office to collect bills and receipts, If you are not comfortable with our technological approach, we wish you luck in finding other services in Northwest, BC.

Our suite of bookkeeping services includes:

We are not an accounting firm so we will be unable to provide the following services:

Public Accounting:

  • performing an audit, review, or other assurance engagement governed by standards of professional practice published by CPA Canada or corresponding standards established in a jurisdiction outside Canada, or issuing an auditor’s report, a review engagement report, or another assurance report in accordance with such standards;

  • issuing any other certification, declaration, opinion or report with respect to the application of financial reporting and accounting standards published by CPA Canada or other Canadian standards published by CPA Canada, or corresponding standards established in a jurisdiction outside Canada;

  • performing a compilation engagement; 

Other Regulated Services:

  • providing an accounting service involving summarization, analysis, advice, counsel, or interpretation, other than an accounting service which is part of but incidental to the provider's primary occupation which is not accounting;

  • providing a forensic accounting, financial investigation, or financial litigation support service;

  • providing advice, counsel or interpretation with respect to taxation matters;

  • preparing a tax return or other statutory information filing; and

  • any other services described in the regulations.

Our Rates

At Kermode Bookkeeping, we understand that different companies have different needs and complexities. We do not charge in set monthly fees, we charge $50 an hour for billable time and provide a detailed breakdown of how the time is being spent. Billing is completed monthly.

We also charge a small software fee per month, the amount of this depends on the level of service provided. This is between $25-100.

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